How do I log in to my Tribute Fund service?

You will have been given an URL to your Partner Area, the online reporting and management centre for your Tribute Fund service. Clicking on the URL will bring you to a log-in page that looks like the screen shot below.  Simply enter your email address and your password.  If you’ve forgotten your password, clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password’ button sends an email to your registered email address with a link to re-set your password.

If you don’t have a URL for the Partner Area you can still log in via the Homepage for your service.  You can access this either directly if you know the URL for the Homepage, or by clicking the links at the bottom of any Tribute created via your service.

Once on the Homepage, click on the padlock icon and enter your email and password as above.

Adding and Removing Users

When new staff need access to the service we can provide users with their own unique log in.  Simply email with your request.  Similarly if staff move on, get in touch and we will remove their access to the management and reporting.

Once you’ve logged in to the Partner Area, you might want to set up your personal Alerts to let you know what is happening on the service.  Here’s how to set your Alerts