Your Supporter’s GDPR Consents
MuchLoved now offer partner charities the ability to customise the wording of their marketing ask that is made to supporters...
Payment Reports
MuchLoved’s Payment Report provides a listing of the individual BACS payment made to your organisation.
View your Donations for this Month
Find out how to use the online reporting to find out a breakdown of Donations that you are receiving via MuchLoved each month...

It is simple to view and access the data behind your Tribute Fund service.  Simply log on to your Partner Area, click the Reports tab and select the report you wish to view.  There are six reports available:

  • Scheme Overview
  • Tribute Report
  • Donations Summary Report
  • Donor Details Report
  • Event Report
  • Tribute Activity Report

We’ll be adding detailed explanations for each of the reports soon, but in the meantime the presentation below explains the key features common to all the reports and illustrates how to download your scheme data.

Reports Help Guide


You can download this presentation here:  Reports and Exports Presentation