To view all of your Dedications click on the Dedications tab.  From here you’ll be able to view all information about every Dedication made through your service and their associated donations.


This page lists all the donations you have received through your Dedication Pages, if you have more than one Campaign then you can use the Campaign filter to identify the Dedications for a specific Campaign.  You can also search using the reference that a supporter received in their donation confirmation email, their email address or their name.   Once you’ve added your search criteria click Search and then the export using the CSV button.

The icons at the start of each line of information represent the following:

  Edit the Dedication – enable you to amend the text of a message/and or delete the image

     Ability to hide the Dedication; the message and photo will no longer appear on the page.  Users can still view a Dedication using the direct URL of the Dedication

You can download data about your donors using the CSV link on the page.