If you would like to ask your supporters if you can contact them further, you can set up a GDPR compliant question by getting in touch with either your Account Manager or the Support Team at MuchLoved.

The Dedication Page functionality service collect email and postal contact details so supporters will only be asked for consent for these channels.  The response will be recorded in your reporting as either opt-in or opt-out (the supporter must select one of these options to make their Dedication).

The text box allows hyperlinks so you can include links to your main website, links to your Privacy Policy and active links to an email address.

Your text appears on the screen once a supporter has made their donation, just before we collect their card information.   To view how your wording looks you can start a Dedication and take it through to the payment stage; just before the payment details are requested you will see a screen that summarises the donation a supporter is about to make and your GDPR question will show here -see below for an example. (You can then cancel out of the donation flow without having to enter your card details).