Scheme Tribute Garden design brief

Please provide us with the following so we can create your bespoke Tribute Garden:

1) Top Left Punctuation Image - Your logo or an image of your choice which can be of variable height and width but no taller than 120px and no wider than 220px. [This is left aligned on the header]

2) Title - Your requested page title and introduction (one or two short paragraphs recommended).

3) Main Top Right Image - This is the main background image which sits top right, set 700px x 350px, must bleed/fade to white on the bottom and left edge, with the majority of the horizontal content from the left being a light fading pale, to allow for overlay. Please provide this in jpeg format or we can take an image from your website. Alternatively, you can provide us with a brief of what you would like and we can quote to design for you.

4) Tribute Display Order - We default to the following order: Anniversaries / Recently Created / Recent Donations / All Tributes. Please let us know if you have a different listing preference and/or if you would like to use the API option.