We've put together a checklist to help get your scheme up and running successfully.  Not everything may be applicable to your launch so you can download this checklist as a Word doc or a PDF and tailor it to suit how you plan to get your service in place.

Areas to Consider My Notes
TF scheme name and targets agreed
Internal training and launch
TF Announcement letter to Supporters
External launch, website, local press, case study
Tribute Fund Administrator
MuchLoved website champion
Fundraising Team all trained
Chief Executive’s backing
Whole organisation aware of scheme?
Tribute Fund Pack for new Fund holders
Internal Newsletter – Regular updates
External Newsletter – Regular updates
E-newsletter – Regular entry
Flyers – Distribution opportunities?
Write to all previous in mem donors to offer Tribute funds
Include information in bereavement pack (Hospices)
Key Tribute holders happy for publicity?
Local and/or National Papers contacted
Local Funeral Directors contacted
Local Magazines / establishments contacted
Patrons asked to promote?
Ask on event registration forms if they are taking part in memory of someone
Annual memory walk or other?
One-off events:
Balloon rides, jumps, runs, firewalks
Thank You Presentations and Open Days
Identify 'In Memory' supporters at general events
Special Tribute Fund page/section in place
Special Tribute Fund page/section in place
Personalised URL chosen for page
Included online form to register interest
Multiple links in to Tribute Fund section
e.g. Donate, Fundraising, Latest News
Home Page link to Tribute Fund
Case Studies / Profiled key Fund holders
Latest Fund News section
Regular facebook Groups updates
Twitter updates
MuchLoved Facebook App promoted
Other networking e.g. online forums, plus new networking tools?
Personal point of contact in place?
Regular Email updates?
Thank You Presentations
Recognition plaques / wall / garden
Thank You contact for ALL donors
Incentivising Fundraising e.g. a rose for £500
Building New Prospect Lists
Fund Holder Relationship Strategy
Donor Communication Strategy
Site and graphics fully customised?
All key staff received training?
Regular review of site and Tributes in place?
Report Alerts set up