Dedication Page Design Brief

Please provide us with the following so we can create a Dedication Page for your campaign:

1) Main Logo - please provide this in Jpeg format

2) Website links - on the right hand side of the page we can link back to your website, please provide the titles you’d like displayed and the URL addresses

3) Banner Image - Please provide this in Jpeg format  2400 x 556 Pixels or an image we can crop to this size (if you are unable to provide a banner image we can create one for you at a cost of £300 plus VAT)

4) Title of the page - please provide your wording

5) Wording for the page - please provide a one line description that will be displayed on the page

6) Button - please advise HEX colour ref for the button and wording to be displayed

7) Background colour - please advise HEX colour reference for your preferred background colour

8) Dedication Motif - this is optional, if you could like one please provide an image in Jpeg format 50 x 50 pixels

9) Font -please advise which font you would like the wording on the Dedication page to display as. If you provide a licensed font you will need to extend your licences to include MuchLoved in the subscription or provide a free alternative   

10) Donations Settings - Your campaign page can be set to: Donations only, Donations Optional, Donations Prevented or Read Only, please advise how you would like yours set up

11) Campaign Dates - Your Dedication page can have set campaign dates, please advise if you would like these implemented

12) Preferred URL - Please indicate which  URL you would like to use from the following:


Please note: each Dedication page needs to be set up with a unique URL address so therefore it is best to include a prefix and a suffix e.g.

 13) Effects - Please advise if you’d like one of the following effects on your page:  Autumn leaves, Snowflakes, Stars, Confetti & Petals

14) Dedication messages for donors - This is displayed to donors on the ‘Enter Donation Amount’ screen when they make a donation. It can be left blank if preferred. Please supply your preferred wording

15) Dedication 'thank you' message - This is displayed to users once they have left a dedication, giving you an opportunity to thank them. Please supply your preferred wording

16) GDPR Marketing Ask - we'll collect postal and email opts in for those leaving a Dedication and making a donation, for those only making a Dedication we can only collect email. Please note the GDPR Marketing ask works across all of your Dedication Pages. Please supply your wording.

With the exception of changes to effects or detailed styling, everything specified above can be amended by yourselves via your Dedication Page Partner Area, which we will guide you through.  Please note that once created you are able to clone a Dedication Page for re-use.

Please note: beyond reasonable changes administration fees will apply