Changing a Tribute’s visibility from Public to Private (or the other way around) is straightforward.

Login in to your Partner Area and enter your email address and MuchLoved password.  You will then see the Partner Area home screen with a list of the Tributes created for your charity.  Scroll or search to the relevant Tribute (remember to check ‘Tributes Fundraising for You’ if you can’t find a tribute in the ‘Your Tributes’ listing).

Click on the Settings button for the Tribute and you will enter the Tribute Details page for the Tribute.

Scroll to halfway down the Tribute Details page and click on the Privacy button.

In the box that pops up, click on the Edit button and tick which Privacy option that you would like, and then click Save to update:

Click on the blue hyperlink at the top of the page to take you back to the Tribute details page.

Don’t forget that once you have changed a Private Tribute into a Public Tribute, you will also need the extra step of adding the tribute back into your Tribute Garden using the Gardens & Search button within the Tribute Details page.

You can download a copy of this Help note here:  Making a Tribute Public or Private